Who burned walkers in Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14?

In The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14 a mysterious figure starts a nasty fire that consumes all of The Governor’s zombies that he collected to use on the prison.

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  2. I think it was a combination of both… I think it was Tyreese who did the actual burning because he didn’t act like he didn’t do it bit I think Milton gave him the gas to do so… although Tyreese did seem confused when the Governor asked him about the gas. But I still don’t think Milton would have the stomach or gumption to do it himself.

  3. Milton is not soldier material – terrified of leaving Woodbury, even more at night, alone and didn’t have time to torch them, especially if the vehicles are being monitored as to the coming and goings of them. If he torched the zombies, why did he stop Andrea from putting a bullet in his head? doesn’t make sense. I watched the scene multiple times and there is no clue whatsoever as to who did it, the car is dark, the gloves are black, no skin showing, so in other words – No Clues.
    The reasons I think Morgan did it is ever since Rick, Michonne and Carl’s encounter with Morgan, he has all the time in the world to think (and clear) — Morgan was clear enough of mind to realize Rick is in trouble, took note of the cache of weapons he took, and Rick also invited Morgan to come to the prison — if he made maps of the town with details of what was overtaken or burnt out – he knows or is resourceful enough to find out where the prison is.
    I suspect Morgan was out and about, came across the walkers, or was watching them herd and gather them together – came back at night with gas and did what he does best – ‘Clear’ the walkers.

    • Wow. Really thinking outside the box on this one. I love it! Morgan is an excellent theory and someone I completely forgot about since he decided to stay out of Rick’s mess. You’re completely right though. If Morgan had maps or details about the surrounding area he could totally slip in unnoticed. Plus burning walkers is his M.O. I hope we find out that your theory is correct because I think that would be very exciting for us to see play out in the coming episodes.

    • I don’t want to ruin it entirely, but Morgan wasn’t responsible. If you read one of my later posts or watch on, you’ll find out the true culprit.

    • Wait toy find out who has done it in the later episodes I may have missed or my first time through

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