Walking Dead Infographic from Semester Online

Recently Semester Online sent me this neat infographic about courses and careers you might want to pursue based on your favorite television shows. Of course The Walking Dead was listed among them, so I thought the piece was worth brief comment. I definitely appreciate their “Fun Facts” about actual zombie-related courses offered at Columbia College and UC Irvine. I just wish I had the time to take those classes myself.

However I don’t necessarily agree with their other sections on potential courses, majors, and careers for people who love The Walking Dead. Even though I’m obsessed with the show and I would take classes about zombies, I wouldn’t necessarily want to pursue the majors and career paths that they mention. I think sociology and organizational management might be slightly useful in handling the zombie apocalypse, but that learning would be quickly thrown out the window in post-apocalyptic chaos. The career options for law enforcement and clinical laboratory scientist seem disconnected from those majors, and really only appear to be there since some characters on the show held those occupations. Again, learning from those careers wouldn’t be as applicable when trying to deal in the zombie-filled world. I don’t think there’s any real education that can prepare you for that. You must learn as you go and do what you need to survive.

My gripes aside, this is a fun infographic and it’s not just limited to The Walking Dead, which is cool. If you like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, House of Cards, or Dexter, you could get some entertainment too.

Is Your Favorite TV Show The Clue To Your Career?

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