The Governor Strikes Back: Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 (Home)

Merle Dixon in Season 3 of The Walking Dead

Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) in The Walking Dead Copyright 2013 AMC TV

Warning: This Walking Dead Season 3 post contains spoilers. Please wait until after watching, before reading further. Similarities and differences between the show and the comic are also discussed, but whenever possible, details of the comic are left ambiguous in case you decide to start it later on.

Summary: Rick leaves the prison to chase ghosts, while members of his group debate whether they should flee or stay. On the road, Daryl and Merle try to survive together, but quickly end up at odds with each other. And back at Woodbury, The Governor questions Andrea’s loyalty before slipping away to retaliate against Rick’s people.

Rick is obviously still living in Crazytown at the beginning of Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10. The loon runs off to search for the ghost of his wife in the nearby thicket. After Rick finds her and kisses her, I was thinking how funny it would be if he snapped out of his hallucination and realized he was making out with a zombie. I’m still amused by how far off the deep end the writers are taking his character. But I’m going to stop laughing at Rick’s misfortune; I don’t want to be too mean.

Glenn continues to get on my nerves in each passing episode with all his alpha male posturing. I really hope he snaps out of it soon. With Rick out of his gourd and Daryl gone, Glenn feels like putting unnecessary pressure on himself to take charge. As Hershel astutely says later in the episode, Glenn’s heart is in the right place, but he just can’t fill Rick’s boots.

Glenn is blinded by the rage he feels about what happened to both him and Maggie back at Woodbury. Because of this he can’t make up his mind about what to do next. He toys with the idea of going straight back to Woodbury to fight The Governor, before quickly abandoning it to hold steady. The poor sap is so anxious to fortify their position that he runs off and misses all the action. I’d feel bad for him except he’s a total ass to Maggie, forcing her to reveal exactly what happened while she was in custody.

For the most part, Episode 10 is another character-heavy outing. While drama is going down at the prison, Daryl and Merle are traipsing around the woods. As always Merle is in rare form, spewing racial epithets, and engaging in selfish behavior. The scene where Daryl and Merle rescue a family from walkers up on a bridge is a real nail-biter. What I love about the incident is that it just reaffirms for Daryl the type of person that he’s become. He wants to help others even if he’s not necessarily getting something in return. His exchange soon after with Merle is fascinating because you find out new things about the characters, like the abuse Daryl suffered at the hands of their father, and the secret plan they both had to rob the camp blind back near Atlanta. I love the moment where Daryl tells his brother that he’s leaving to go where he feels at home even if it means going somewhere Merle can’t be. You just got served Merle!

Of course we finally get to know Axel (Lew Temple) just a little bit better, as does Carol, and he gets killed by The Governor’s attack. Speaking of Woodbury’s douchey leader, I didn’t buy his turn the other cheek malarkey he was telling Andrea, but I certainly didn’t think he’d strike back against Rick so soon. I was worried for our heroes when The Governor and his men started firing on the prison. That part where the van crashed through the fences had me on the edge of my seat because it sat there idling for so long. I had no clue who was in there, but I flipped when the door opened and out came a pack of zombies. Everything seemed hopeless, especially for Rick, who was pinned by several walkers. When Merle and Daryl arrived for the rescue, I’d never been so happy to see either of them. There was something slightly reassuring, yet also strangely disquieting about Merle’s giddy laughter while he helped Rick.

Which brings us to this week’s poll. Click here to tell me: Who was your favorite badass in Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10?

Were you surprised Tyreese and his people were gone all episode? Where do you think they went? Do you think Merle is turning over a new leaf? Or will he just cause more trouble for the prison crew?

2 thoughts on “The Governor Strikes Back: Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 (Home)

  1. Wow, this show just gets better and better! I feel like I have a lot to say so here goes… lol

    I think Rick’s breakdown is pretty realistic and after all he has gone through I feel sad for him… I don’t even think he has held his new baby more than two times! I do think he will snap out of this and it seemed like the Governor shooting at him may have done the trick. The one thing I keep thinking is crazy people don’t know they are crazy and he knows he is losing it and you really could see that when he was talking to Hershel.

    When it comes to Glenn, I feel bad because Hershel was right he has a huge heart but can’t lead. Although Glenn has come so far from when he could barely shoot and survive being so timed. I think they need to start having Carl become more of a leader… I think he really has it in him and truth be told he was raised in this and maybe the best candidate… It’s funny to think I hated his character and just wanted him to die in season 2…. Times are changing!

    Maggie this past episode bothers me. Yes, she has been through a lot but so hasn’t Glenn. Neither of them is dealing well with this situation. They need to realize they went through it together then and that’s what they need to do now, deal with it together.

    What can you say about Daryl, my hero! He was so bad ass throughout this whole episode and he knew it! His character has become strong, loyal, trustworthy and over all he has become a good person. I love as he is leaving Merle and Merle says he can’t go back because he almost killed “The Chinese kid” and Daryl looks back and says “He’s Korean!” It just shows his good heart in every way. I was also so happy that him and Merle saved Rick and was able to help out in the attack. I doubt that Merle is turning over a new leaf I would like to think he is but he has had so many opportunities. Plus none of Rick’s people are going to want him back, he’s an asshole!

    Can they stop killing off all of the new characters? I really hope that Tyreese comes back; they really need the man power. That prison guy was not going to be much help in attacks I think, he was just trying to get in Carol’s pants. Plus Michonne never talks so it’s kind of like not having an extra character… I wish we knew more about her. She bothers me because I don’t know her back story… was their more information about her in the comic? If there was I don’t think it is fair to people who haven’t read the comic.

    Do you think the Governor will be back? Will Rick or Glenn try to rebel again? That whole truck part was so nerve racking and it was such an amazing part. I don’t think they can leave the jail… since the Governor already came back I think they need to focus on making that jail secure. I really think it’s their only hope.

  2. Wow you did have a lot to say. This is the exactly the kind of emphatic response that I hope for though, so I’ll dig right in and comment.

    You’re right, at least Rick realizes he’s having a breakdown. He can’t be that far gone if he recognizes that what’s happening isn’t right. I’m sure he’ll snap out of it, and I think the attack from The Governor went a long way toward waking him up.

    I never thought that I’d be rooting for Carl after Season 2 either, but I think he could step up and do a pretty good job taking the lead. He has already shown himself to be very mature and level-headed so far this season.

    Touche on the point of Maggie also not handling the situation well. She could be doing things to reconnect with Glenn too. She’s keeping him at arm’s length instead of embracing him.

    Daryl is hands down my favorite character on the show and wins me over more all the time. Just when I think I reach a pinnacle of my appreciation for him, he does something else to elevate himself yet again. Like you said the line about Glenn being Korean was excellent. Merle will be unwanted, but hopefully he’ll make the best of the situation.

    It is pretty obnoxious how they keep killing new characters, treating them as throwaway people like the red shirts from Star Trek. Although I suppose they are low risk for pissing off fans of the show doing things that way. Imagine how angry you’d be if more characters you loved bought the farm. The prisoners in the comic didn’t stick around for too long anyway.

    When it comes to Michonne, she’s very quite and mysterious at first in the comics like she is now in the show. She eventually opens up and becomes a much more articulate, reliable, fun character. I keep hoping the show will accelerate that process because right now I’m not digging her.

    I definitely think The Governor will try to come back, but I also think Rick and Glenn may try to attack Woodbury again. In the comic there was an epic showdown at the prison between both camps, so I wouldn’t rule that out. It’s tough to tell exactly what will happen next. I’m glad the show keeps me guessing. And yes, fortifying the prison seems like the safest bet for them.

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