NMA’s Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

Yesterday I stumbled upon this fan trailer for The Walking Dead Season 4, created by the folks over at Next Media Animation.

I love their idea that Season 4 should focus on Glenn’s sister, who has only been referenced in passing on the show. The thought of her out there trying to survive on her own, searching desperately for him, would create some entertaining drama. I also think it would be a cool concept to visit, because it’s a storyline I haven’t encountered in the comics.

The only thing that’s kind of strange about the trailer is that the style of zombies don’t really match those that you see on The Walking Dead. Since these guys are an animation group, their zombies are all CG, which makes sense. However the walkers move and look closer to ones you’d find in Resident EvilĀ than on the show. As such, when these walkers get killed, it’s more obvious that they aren’t real.

If they had more time or the budget, it would have been nice to see real actors dressed as zombies. Then they could have still used CG to animate the kills. Speaking of kills, there is one awesome take-down in there that has a head getting lopped off, with blood splattering all over the camera lens.

Check out their trailer below and head over to http://www.nma.tv to see more of their content. Then let me know with a comment below, what do you hope will happen during The Walking Dead Season 4?