Checking out AMC’s Dead Yourself App

Are you a weirdo like me, curious about how you’d look if you ever turned into a zombie? Well if you are, you should check out AMC’s Dead Yourself app. A cool app for iPhone and Facebook (for Android users), which allows you to take normal pictures of yourself and zombify them. They have all sorts of eyes, mouths, and accessories almost like a demented Mii creator. Once you’ve decided on the perfect zombie version of yourself you can upload the photo to AMC’s website for sharing or you can put it out on Facebook and other social media through their app. You can also download the image for safekeeping.

Curious how I’d look as a zombie? See my results below. Feeling adventurous? Give it a try yourself and let me know how it comes out. And if you decide to upload it somewhere send me a link.

Evan as a zombie

My attempt at turning myself into a zombie with AMC”s Dead Yourself App

Walking Dead Takes Over ‘The Soup’

The Walking Dead Facebook page, posted this silly video today of Norman Reedus and Steve Yeun killing zombies on ‘The Soup.’ I love that people from the cast are such good sports about lampooning the show and joking around. I think that really proves that they know their target audience: nerdy horror fans who appreciate self-parody.

There are some pretty obvious stabs at celebrities in this, but it’s still amusing. Heck creator Robert Kirkman even turns up. It’s funny how awkward Steve Yeun is when he is hosting ‘The Soup,’ and mostly just disturbing to see Norman Reedus in a bikini top. There’s a moment when Joel McHale is taking a video with his phone, accidentally taping his face instead of the zombie-killing, which I really wanted someone to bring up. The disappointed look on his face would have been great once he realized he missed the zombie killing action.

Apparently I didn’t realize this was the second episode they’ve done, so I watched the first one (below), and honestly I think the it’s funnier. Hard to beat someone in a giant maxi pad costume with an AK-47.