Where I’ve Been and What’s Next

In my last post, I promised an update on why I’ve been absent and information on some of the changes coming to Blogging Dead, so here I am.

Where I’ve Been

In the year or so when I put the blog on hold, I was pursuing my master’s degree part-time and working full-time, which left me very little room for my hobbies. On top of those two things, I was still continuing to review movies on my podcast Spoilerpiece Theatre too. Because one of my co-hosts was going to have a child and knew his free time would be limited after the baby was born, I took over recording and editing the podcast as well. All of these concurrent items just made keeping up with this blog impractical, especially since I was also trying to date during this period.

One fortunate thing that happened to me during this downtime is that I met the love of my life. Thankfully she’s also a Walking Dead super-fan so when we got engaged this year, I was thrilled that she wanted to zombify our engagement photo with AMC’s Dead Yourself app. What a woman. I’m so lucky to have her!

My zombie engagement photo created with AMC's Dead Yourself App.

My zombie engagement photo created with AMC’s Dead Yourself App.

Now that I’ve graduated and I’m more adjusted to my podcasting schedule, I have the time to pick this blog back up and give it the dedication it needs again. Ideally I’d like to get at least one new post up per week, depending on what’s going on with the Walking Dead and zombies in general.

What’s Next

A new look. First, you’ll probably notice that I changed the look of the blog a little bit. I went with a lighter color scheme so that the blog is easier to read. If you like the new color scheme, please leave me a quick comment in support. Or if you’re not a fan and you’d like the old black and red back, feel free to let me know via comment as well.

Recaps are going to be different as well. Instead of going with longform analysis like other sites, I want to make my recaps of episodes and the comics more digestible. I will still include a brief plot summary at the top of my posts, but the remainder will be more list-based, calling out out the best line, the best shot (or comic page), the best zombie kill, the best zombie-related theme, and the best non-zombie related theme present. I might adapt this format to include more or less as I get the hang of it.

That’s all I have for now. I recently downloaded the Walking Dead – No Man’s Land, AMC’s official Walking Dead mobile game, so look out for a post on that soon.

Walking Dead Infographic from Semester Online

Recently Semester Online sent me this neat infographic about courses and careers you might want to pursue based on your favorite television shows. Of course The Walking Dead was listed among them, so I thought the piece was worth brief comment. I definitely appreciate their “Fun Facts” about actual zombie-related courses offered at Columbia College and UC Irvine. I just wish I had the time to take those classes myself.

However I don’t necessarily agree with their other sections on potential courses, majors, and careers for people who love The Walking Dead. Even though I’m obsessed with the show and I would take classes about zombies, I wouldn’t necessarily want to pursue the majors and career paths that they mention. I think sociology and organizational management might be slightly useful in handling the zombie apocalypse, but that learning would be quickly thrown out the window in post-apocalyptic chaos. The career options for law enforcement and clinical laboratory scientist seem disconnected from those majors, and really only appear to be there since some characters on the show held those occupations. Again, learning from those careers wouldn’t be as applicable when trying to deal in the zombie-filled world. I don’t think there’s any real education that can prepare you for that. You must learn as you go and do what you need to survive.

My gripes aside, this is a fun infographic and it’s not just limited to The Walking Dead, which is cool. If you like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, House of Cards, or Dexter, you could get some entertainment too.

Is Your Favorite TV Show The Clue To Your Career?

Brought to you by Semester Online

Walking Dead ‘Honest Trailer’ and Robert Kirkman Plays ‘Zombify This’

Walking Dead Honest Trailer by Screen Junkies

Honest Trailers by Screen Junkies

Apparently Screen Junkies has a series called Honest Trailers where they lampoon television shows and movies by creating fake trailers for them. Recently I found out that they did one for The Walking Dead, so naturally I decided to watch it. The verdict? It’s actually pretty funny.

There are some obnoxiously humorous lines like “From the network that brought you Breaking Bad, a show you couldn’t stop watching, comes a show so inconsistent you have to keep talking yourself into watching.” And annoyingly honest comments such as “A leader who stands by his decision…until he doesn’t.”

In fairness, I can understand their beef about the show’s vacillating pace, especially in Season 2. Hence why I laughed when they emphasized how boring things were on the farm, “…f*** that farm.” Also they raise a decent point about Rick’s flip flopping. I think that has more to do with circumstances constantly changing though, than Rick’s weak will.

The folks at Screen Junkies make some hilariously astute observations about the weird faces Dale makes, Shane’s nervous tick of rubbing his head, and the number of times people call themselves “the group.” However for my money, it doesn’t get any funnier than when they do a montage of character deaths. What’s your favorite part of the trailer?

Robert Kirkman on Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins

Robert Kirkman on Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins

I also learned that comedian Paul F. Tompkins (Open Mic Host from Tenacious D) has a web show called Speakeasy for Mademan.com where he interviews celebs over their favorite cocktail. In one of his recent episodes, he plays a fun game called “Zombify This” with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

Although Tompkins is slightly awkward as an interviewer, this amusing segment is worth watching. First Tompkins gives Kirkman a piece of entertainment, then Kirkman has to say how he would integrate zombies into that property. Kirkland choices? Sesame Street, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Mad Men.

Kirkman actually does a great job coming up with ideas on how zombies could be part of those properties. His take on Temple of Doom is probably the best, because he can’t remember the villain’s name, so Tompkins has to keep correcting him. Which zombified piece do you prefer?

Ketchup on The Walking Dead Season 3 with the Hot Dogs

Did you miss The Walking Dead Season 3? Now’s your chance to ketchup (more or less) right before the start of Season 4. Check out this hilarious recap shot entirely with puppets shaped like hotdogs. Thanks to my friend Ken Murray for sending this to me.

FilmInk’s Walking Dead Spread and Season 4 Episode Photos

FilmInk Magazine's Walking Dead Cover

FilmInk Magazine’s Walking Dead Cover

Not even Down Under is safe from Walking Dead mania. The undead have invaded there too in Australia’s famous FilmInk magazine, which currently has a Walking Dead cover story AND fold out posters. When I found out about this issue, I knew I had to get my hands on it, so I rushed over to eBay to order a copy. Until I get to devour the meaty content and see what the posters look like though, I’ll just have to marvel at their cover.

With the three most badass characters in the show in one shot, I’m surprised the the camera lenses captured them together without exploding from awesomeness. If I was living in the zombie apocalypse, I would definitely want them on my side, especially Daryl and Michonne. I’d feel pretty safe with them around. What about you? Who would you want in your group?

Also this week AMC’s Dead Alert newsletter released a series of photos from Season 4 in another small attempt to whet fan appetite for the rapidly approaching new episodes. Most of them are actually pretty boring, but the one that has Daryl and Carol together is cute and Tyreese looks amusingly stoic in the image with his shotgun slung over his shoulder. There is a photo that cracked me up: Beth is laying on her bed obviously writing in a journal, however it seems like she’s doing homework (not sure what assignments there would be during the zombie apocalypse) and it appears that one of her room’s decorations is a yard gnome. That’s an odd thing to have hanging around right?

Anyway, I’m ready for Season 4 to start. How about you? What are you looking forward to most about this season? Click here and leave me your thoughts.

NMA’s Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

Yesterday I stumbled upon this fan trailer for The Walking Dead Season 4, created by the folks over at Next Media Animation.

I love their idea that Season 4 should focus on Glenn’s sister, who has only been referenced in passing on the show. The thought of her out there trying to survive on her own, searching desperately for him, would create some entertaining drama. I also think it would be a cool concept to visit, because it’s a storyline I haven’t encountered in the comics.

The only thing that’s kind of strange about the trailer is that the style of zombies don’t really match those that you see on The Walking Dead. Since these guys are an animation group, their zombies are all CG, which makes sense. However the walkers move and look closer to ones you’d find in Resident Evil than on the show. As such, when these walkers get killed, it’s more obvious that they aren’t real.

If they had more time or the budget, it would have been nice to see real actors dressed as zombies. Then they could have still used CG to animate the kills. Speaking of kills, there is one awesome take-down in there that has a head getting lopped off, with blood splattering all over the camera lens.

Check out their trailer below and head over to http://www.nma.tv to see more of their content. Then let me know with a comment below, what do you hope will happen during The Walking Dead Season 4?


Cool Limited Edition Walking Dead Print from Artist Mark Tumber

In the spirit of promoting others who are obsessed with and inspired by The Walking Dead, I wanted to share this very cool limited edition print I came across yesterday from Canadian artist Mark Tumber.

‘The Walking Dead’ (16″x20″) celebrates the popular AMC series. Mark’s drawing took 120+ hours to render and was part of a commission, so the original has already been sold. However, he’s created 50 limited edition prints (hand-pulled on acid-free watercolor stock), which are individually numbered and signed by him. As of this morning on March 21, 2013, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 13, 14, 25, 26, 29 and 50 have sold. Each print is only $100 (+ shipping).

The Walking Dead print by Mark Tumber

‘The Walking Dead’ by Mark Tumber

I also wanted to share another awesome horror themed print of his called ‘The Damned’ (19″x25″), a celebration of 26 classic horror films. This piece took 160+ hours to draw and there are 150 limited edition prints available, also numbered and signed by Mark. As of this morning, numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 23, 40 & 69 have sold. Each print is only $150 (+ shipping).

The Damned Print by Mark Tumber

‘The Damned’ by Mark Tumber

If you’re interested in purchasing a print you can reach out to Mark Tumber by emailing markdraws@hotmail.com or check out his website www.marktumber.com. Make sure to supply him with your mailing address and number of requests so that he can calculate your cost of shipping. You can either pay by check or use Western Union.